Inter-Agency Coordination and Sub Recipient Contract for Senior Center Director Approved


Jensen at the annual When Pies Fly event

In December of 2018, it was announced that a joint venture was created to bring great opportunities to both the Emery and Carbon County Senior Centers.

This joint venture was the approval of Robbie Jensen as the director for all of the centers. Commissioner Casey Hopes explained that the contract is with the Association of Local Governments (AOG) and the county helps run the senior center and pay a portion of Jensen’s wages. Similarly, Emery County pays another portion plus the benefits.

Commissioner Hopes continued by explaining that he believes that Jensen is doing a great job with the centers and acknowledged that the last year was difficult with the pandemic. Now, the patrons are back in the center for dining and Commissioner Hopes believes a lot of the stress that came with the pandemic will be off of Jensen and the other employees.

Commissioner Tony Martines agreed that Jensen does an exceptional job at the center and seeing him interact with the folks and having people back at the center is a good thing. Jensen is known for bringing a lot of excitement and joy to the seniors that utilize the center in a myriad of ways.

The inter-agency coordination and sub recipient contract agreement was then approved by the commissioners to continue this partnership.

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