Is the Proposed Carbon County Tax Increase Funding New Soccer Fields?


Carbon County Press Release

Several years ago, the Price Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) became prevalent in Carbon County and the need for soccer fields became evident. The number of registered soccer players in the area has skyrocketed from 75 to 450 youth players. PYSA organizers approached the County Commissioners to see what could be done to provide fields for the soccer organizations in the area. The areas available for soccer games were not conducive to the needs of the sport and tournaments were simply, not a possibility. Safety was also a factor due to the lack of regulation fields and regular field maintenance.

Casey Hopes, the managing Commissioner over the project said, “The County Administration had considered building soccer fields for years.” Hopes continued, “When PYSA approached us we worked with the Recreation, Transportation Special Service District to acquire funding. “

Several options for a location were explored and ultimately a county owned piece of property adjacent to the Senior and Event Center was chosen. “The county owns the land and the water. There is already staff on site and so the location made sense considering the maintenance and ongoing improvement of the area.” Hopes added.

Concerning the sport itself, Mathew Brady, PYSA vice president, explained, “A place to play is the largest factor for growth of the sport in the area so these fields are great news for the youth in our area and players interested on all levels from recreational to competitive.”

Shalee Johansen, Carbon County Director of Tourism explained “The soccer fields will be a huge boost to tourism in Carbon County, recreational tourism is one of the greatest opportunities to bring large groups of people who stay in our area for multiple days.” Johansen continued, “When you add the number of potential teams and the additional family and friends they bring, this could be in excess of 1,500 people in one weekend.”

During multiple days, tournaments are held, teams and their guests sleep, eat and buy fuel and goods from our local businesses. The economic impact sporting tournaments like this have on an area have been significant. For example the Cal Ripken Regionals baseball tournament that was held in Price in Summer 2017 generated a lot of excitement and collaboration in the community. The league and visitors were so impressed with the arrangements that were made they have asked to come back in Summer 2018. When news of this successful tournament traveled, the Babe Ruth organization jumped on board and have scheduled for Summer 2018 in Price as well.

Funding for the soccer fields came from the following sources;
$450,000 Grant – Carbon County Recreation Transportation Special Service District
$75,000 Grant – Eccles Foundation
$20,000 Donation – Castleview Hospital
$839,500 Grant – Community Impact Board
$48,880 In-kind Grant Match – Carbon County Road Shop

$1,433,380 Total Project Cost

Carbon Recreation Director, Frank Ori explained “Carbon County has a lot to offer tournament attendees from reasonable accommodations to fun extra activities for the entire family.” Ori continues, “We have had a lot of success with our softball tournaments and were very happy to help with the Cal Ripken tournaments as well.” Ori added, “We are working on having Carbon County become known as the best place to have softball, baseball and now soccer tournaments.”

The Carbon County soccer fields will be utilized primarily for soccer but will also be used for football practice and other sporting events. The fields be available for rent much like the softball fields and will be maintained and managed by Carbon County Recreation Department. For questions or more information contact the Recreation Department at 435-636-3702 or by visiting

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