Jail escapee will stay in jail for now


On Monday, May 7 2013, Manual Christopher Mitcheson appeared before Judge George Harmon on for a preliminary hearing on one case and arraignment on two other cases.

According to a Price City Police press release from April 2, Mitcheson escaped from the Price City Police office at 910 N. 700 E. at 3:30 p.m. on April 1. Soon after his escape, he entered a nearby home but ran when the homeowner confronted him with a pair of scissors. Mitcheson then ran through several backyards and alleys, shirtless and barefooted

Mitcheson waived his preliminary hearing on a class A misdemeanor of obstructing justice.

He was scheduled for arraignment on a third-degree felony of escaping official custody as well as second and third-degree felonies of burglary.

Attorney, Sam Chiara asked for the cases to be heard together and Judge Harmon set the hearing for May 20  at 12:15 pm. Chiara then ask the judge for a bail reduction stating that the cumulative bond required for the defendant’s release was more than he could post.

County attorney Gene Strate opposed the reduction. He noted that one of the charges was related to the defendant’s escape from police custody while being arrested on other charges.

Mitcheson told the judge he was on drugs at the time and not thinking clearly.

Judge Harmon said that the drug use was a concern for reducing the bail because it was too easy to get access to drugs once the defendant was back in the community and he let the bail stand until the new arraignment date.

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