No escaping justice, Mitcheson pleads guilty to escape


Manuel David Mitcheson appeared in court for arraignment on Monday before Seventh District Court Judge Douglas B. Thomas.

Mitcheson faced charges in three cases. One charge was dismissed. Mitcheson then pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor charge of attempted burglary, and third-degree felony charges of escape from custody and attempted burglary.

On April 1 while being detained by Price City Police investigating an alleged attempted burglary by Mitcheson on February 3, he fled from the interview room. He then attempted to break into a residence to evade arrest.

Mitcheson’s attorney Sam Chiara then asked for the judge to consider releasing Mitcheson on his own recognizance. County Attorney Gene State opposed the release. Judge Thomas agreed due to the nature of the escape charge.

Sentencing is set for June 24.

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