Jennifer Clark turns storytelling into a sold-out sensation


After transplanting from Monticello to Price, Jennifer K. Clark eventually settled down with her husband, with whom she has three beautiful children. Using the art of creative storytelling, Clark would entertain her children on long drives and at bed time.

“I was always interested in storytelling growing up,” explained Clark. “I would make up stories like my father’s and tell them to my friends.”  After explaining one story she had created to sister Stephanie Williams, she found inspiration to make it more than just a verbal tale. Williams encouraged her sister to write the story as a novel and try to get it published. Even better, Williams was willing to help Clark write the story from her Iowa home.

After finishing the long process of writing, editing, and rewriting, the book was submitted to a publishing company and accepted. Now, the small town storyteller has turned her passion into three novels published by Covenant Communications. Her books can be seen in Price City library, on, and at Deseret and Seagull Book.

In addition to the three novels, Clark is currently working on a short story for a series of romance pieces by Convenant. Aside from constantly writing and raising a family, who now live on a small farm in Wellington, the local author still finds time to read for pleasure. On her reading list now? The Golden Queen and The False Prince.

Clark’s other hobbies consist of writing with a quill and ink, making wax seals, and binding her own books by hand. The author also stays busy updating her blog, which can be found at

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