Jennifer Lopez Goes Country During Price City Culture Connection Concert Series


A regular on the Price City Culture Connection scene, Jennifer Lopez took the microphone Thursday evening and did what she did best. Perform.

Lopez has been performing in the culture connection concert series since 1995.

“I’m going to be singing a wide variety of music,” she said just prior to the show. “Songs from Skylark and some older ones, to modern-day songs.”

Though she sings a variety of music, Lopez feels one genre fits her better than others.

“I can sing all of those different genres, but country seems to be kind of my forte,” she said.

Lopez featured a few new songs during her set, including one from country star Miranda Lambert. She was a little nervous to sing the song for one obvious reason.

“I’m liking this one a lot,” she said. “It’s kinda brave to perform that song after only three real days of practice but I’m going to try and see how it goes.”

Next up in the culture connection series is This is Your Band which will perform in connection with Price City’s International Days celebration July 26 at Pioneer Park. Castle Country Can Sing favorites will perform as well.

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