Jones & DeMille to Host Workshops for Local Leaders

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A representative of Jones & DeMille Engineering visited the Helper City Council during their meeting on Thursday evening to inform the members of a series of community improvement workshops the company is hosting.

Though two of the workshops, the first being an open house and the second focusing on pavement preservation, have already been hosted, there are three workshops upcoming. It was stated that Jones & DeMille Engineering is hosting these workshops in an attempt to be good stewards and help as much as possible.

These are free to attend and are geared toward local government leaders, school boards, and the like. The workshops are hosted on Thursdays at 6 p.m. and the next will be on Feb. 8. This will be a funding workshop and will highlight different funding opportunities for different projects.

On Feb. 15, there will be an open and public meeting workshop and the final workshop will be on Feb. 22 and will feature information on a sustainable government. In addition to what is provided, there are partnerships that bring experts in each topic to facilitate these workshops and trainings.

Dinner is provided at each of these workshops and the only request is that those that are interested RSVP in order for an accurate headcount. Jones & DeMille Engineering is located at 1675 South Highway 10 in Price and can be contacted at (435) 637-8266.

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