Joshua Everett Watts


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the untimely passing of Joshua Everett Watts on November 29, 2023, at the age of 44.

Josh was adopted by Milton and Nora Watts in the spring of 1980 just before Josh’s first birthday. Josh had two older sisters who loved him from day one. Kim was eight and Rachel was four when they first brought Josh home. His younger brother Matt was born the following year.

Josh, a member of the Pima Nation, was adopted into a Native American family. Josh’s father is Catawba and his mother is Navajo. In recent years, Josh spent time learning about Native American culture, traditions, and practices. Josh found peace and strength through participating in sweat lodge ceremonies and other Native practices. His Native American heritage was an important part of his life.

Josh is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and grew up in a loving family. He excelled at sports and loved physical activities of all kinds. When he was a kid growing up in Price, he played catch with his older sister Kim so much in their backyard that they actually wore out the grass in a few spots.

Josh loved playing and watching basketball. During middle and high school years, Josh loved playing Junior Jazz and church basketball with his brother Matt. Sometimes Josh stuck out his tongue when he drove to the basket “just like Mike.”

Josh’s all time favorite NBA team was the 90’s Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan. When Jordan’s Bulls played the Jazz, the entire family would cheer for the Jazz, but Josh would cheer for his favorite player Michal Jordan. In a particularly hard fought game between the Jazz and the Bulls, Josh was told he would be grounded if the Bulls won. Josh responded by cheering even louder for the Bulls. Josh’s Bulls won the game, but he wasn’t actually grounded.

The Watts family cheers for the University of Utah and Josh was no exception. Josh enjoyed watching many Utah football games with his family, and his red Utes gear went nicely with his red Bulls gear.

Josh also loved running, working out, and lifting weights. He credited working out for strengthening him physically, mentally and spiritually. Josh wore out several pairs of Air Jordans and running shoes over the years.

Josh’s Instagram name is “fallsdwngetsup,” which is so appropriate because he spent so much time working to overcome challenges and adversity. He often spoke of the need to be positive and the importance of being grateful. Josh stayed with different family and friends over the years and he always worked hard to be helpful to show his appreciation.

Josh died far too young, and yet he lived a life full of great challenges and great memories with family and friends. He loved to laugh and joke around with his siblings, nephews and nieces.

Josh is survived by parents, Milton and Nora Watts, and siblings Kimberlee (Tom) Martin, Rachel (Jonnie) VanValkenburgh, Matthew (Heidi) Watts, 3 nieces, 5 nephews, and multiple aunties, uncles, and cousins.

Funeral services will be held at McDougal Funeral Home located at 4330 S Redwood Road in Taylorsville, Utahon Friday December 8, 2023. There will be a viewing from 10:00 am to 10:45 am. Funeral services will begin at 11:00 am. After the funeral, we will travel a short distance from McDougal Funeral Home to Taylorsville City Cemetery for the interment and dedication of the grave at 4567 South Redwood Road in Taylorsville, Utah.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to assist with funeral expenses. Rachel’s Venmo details are below.

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