July 2021 Employment Summary Released


In Utah’s Labor Market and Economy August 2021 newsletter, the employment summary for the state pertaining to July was released.

Utah’s unemployment rate for July 2021 is at 2.6% and a total of 43,500 Utahns were unemployed. The state’s economy, according to the report, has added a cumulative 65,100 jobs since June of 2019 and Utah’s current level stands at 1,606,600. Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate lowered to 5.4%,.

Continuing, the county snapshots stated that while there are significant improvements in a number of economic indicators, the global pandemic continues to impact the economy of Carbon County and the unemployment rate has fallen considerably over the past year.

While Carbon County’s largest industry sectors lost jobs throughout the year, taxable sales and wages have improved. Furthermore, initial claims for unemployment insurance remain low.

Turning to Emery County, unlike many neighbors, the county has returned to job growth. More positive economic news comes in the form of reduced unemployment and increased average wages for Emery.

In the first quarter of 2021, the year-to-year change in gross taxable sales had Carbon County at 13.2% and Emery County at 2.9%, while the state of Utah was at 20.5% total.

As of May 2021, Carbon County is at a 475% year-to-year change in dwelling unit permits while the state of Utah as a whole is at 33%.

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