Jump Start Your Career with FutureINDesign


Do questions about your future cause you to break into a cold sweat?
How about a FREE program that offers you:
Money to keep you out of fast food kitchens or your uncle’s dairy barn.*
A free laptop to use for class and keep.*
Career training that applies to every profession possible.
Career exploration and networking opportunities.
A place to discover the value of your inner renegade.

Junior or Senior next year.
Desire to break free of the status quo. Curiosity.
Appreciation of free stuff.

Career plan.
College plan.
Money. (it’s free!)
Experience in tech fields.
Artistic background.

Future IN Design (FIND) and our Young Adult Career Readiness Program transforms sometimes-angsty, hormonal high schoolers into refined, highly-sought professionals by preparing them for careers in the tech and design industries. We offer classes in Coding, Design Thinking (problem-solving through design), and Professional Development. We also provide opportunities to network with professionals in
those fields at local companies.
Not sure if those jobs sound all that interesting?
No worries. The skills you learn here translate elsewhere in a way that will help you stand out from the crowd.
Did we mention it’s free?
Yep. There’s nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for? Learn more at futureindesign.org, or email us at techready@futureindesign.org.

FIND is a non-profit organization funded by grants, private donations, and community partners.

*Conditional upon successful completion of program requirements.

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