Kidney Harvest


On October 13, a fundraiser will be held for Richard Simmons’ kidney transfer. Richard has been on Dialysis for a little over two years, four times a day, three times a week. This will not be Richard’s first transplant; his first surgery was done in 2008, but due to a virus he had to have the new kidney removed. Now, he is hoping to get this new transplant with the help of his mother in law, Roxanne Noyes.

Roxanne has graciously chosen to give one of her kidneys in order to help Richard. Although they share the same blood type, other complications caused them not to be compatible for surgery, but that hasn’t deterred them from finding a way. Richard and Roxanne have entered themselves into a system called paired kidney exchange.

This system loops a pair of people with the same issue as Roxanne and Richard and puts them into a large group. They then go through the group and find matches within. When they both have a match, Roxanne will have her kidney removed and sent to someone else within the group, while Richard will be receiving another’s kidney. Currently, they haven’t heard much back and don’t have any information as to when they will undergo surgery.

The family hopes to not only earn money to uphold the cost of these surgeries, but would like to spread awareness about kidney donations. Donating a kidney has no cost to the donor. There is an adjustment period when the body loses a kidney, but other than that, it is a completely safe procedure.

There will be plenty of events and activities at the fundraiser; such as a 5k run, zumba, local entertainment, a kids carnival, vendors, and much more. It’s a great cause and everyone should attempt to attend and support the family.

Once again, Richard Simmons Kidney Fundraiser will be held on October 13th, from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. at Cleveland City Hall and school.


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