Lady Spartans Dominate in Opening Game


ETV News Stock Photo by Dusty Butler

The Lady Spartans had a showing of toughness and discipline on Tuesday, much like the actual Spartan Army. Their offense was great, but their defense was incredible, keeping the Soaring Eagles scoreless in the first quarter.

By the half, Emery was up 34-6. The Lady Spartans were dominant from beginning to end against Juan Diego in the season opener.

The team was led by player of the game Kali Jensen, a junior this year, who put up an impressive 18 points and a couple steals. Senior Karleigh Stilson was a pest on defense, taking the ball away five times and adding a block. She also distributed the ball well with four assists. Katelyn Nielson had an excellent shooting night, shooting 71% and scoring 11 points,

The entire team received some playing time and contributed to the win. Emery racked up 14 steals and five blocks to go along with 36 boards, 26 of which were offensive rebounds.

Next up, the Lady Spartans will travel to San Juan for a matchup on Thursday at 7 p.m.

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