Lawns Slated to Suffer this Summer


Price City Park

The Price City Council met on Wednesday to discuss usual business, but the most pressing item was the need to conserve water.

Council members remarked that “It is going to be a dry year” and “There will be a lot of dead lawns this summer.” Carbon and Emery counties haven’t seen so little water since the drought of 1992-94. Unless the area receives a significant amount of water between now and summer, residents will be allowed to water their lawn one quarter of what they could last year.

Though the irrigation outlook looks bleak, Mayor Joe Piccolo assured those present that “we’ll have enough water to drink because of our wells and other things that the city has prepared for situations like this.” He went on to say that residents do not have to start stockpiling water in their basements, yet.

Price City will seek to acquire water shares in preparation for the summer. They want to do their part to conserve water, but also avoid undue, costly damages resulting from failure to water such areas as parks and cemeteries.

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