Legislation Could Yet Have Big Effects on Education


By Julie Johansen 

In personnel actions, the Emery County School Board approved out of state travel for Book Cliff Elementary to visit museums in Grand Junction and Fruita, Colorado for grades first through third. The proximity of Green River to Colorado was a great factor for the approval. Cory Bolden was also approved as a resource aide at Canyon View Junior High. Royd Hatt and McKenzie Guymon were appointed as board negotiators working with classified individuals and Marie Johnson and Tracey Johnson were appointed to work with licensed staff.

Principal John Hughes gave a “State of the School” presentation to the board. After welcoming members to Cottonwood Elementary, he reported a successful and productive year. Their mastery grading concept and no homework policies, though new, have proven effective. They are working on communication with home issues with their community council. The trust land funds have proven very useful and effective in the hiring of Suzette Roberts and Susan Childs as aides to work with reading and math. Their Colt Club, for students found going above and beyond, has been rewarding. Mandatory training has been scheduled for Friday, March 3 to help educators instruct and help autistic children. This training will be taught by Amy Bell. Principal Hughes also praised the gifted and talented reading programs facilitated and taught by Mrs. Carroll. He welcomed Mr. Winget, who will be doing his administrative internship in their building and helping with mastery grading.

Both the business administrator’s and superintendent’s reports to the board demonstrated concern for matters happening on the hill concerning many bills yet to be discussed and voted on that could affect education. They are both hoping for increases in the WPU’s and additional statewide revenues. Concern was expressed over SB 80, which has an equalization formula that would extract money from rural schools and distribute it to urban facilities.

Superintendent Larry Davis mentioned a memorandum of understanding, which is being written by the county attorney, between the school district and Emery County to purchase a “Wibit” that would be rented out as a fundraiser for the aquatic center and swim team. He congratulated various athletic individuals and groups for their accomplishments at the state level.

Staffing concerns were reported, once again for the service center and positions for the transition with the sixth and ninth grade placement. Davis also recommended that the transgender bathroom policies be handled case by case as is being done all over Utah. The board then thanked Davis for the many hours he has spent at the legislature for education purposes.

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