Lenora Callor Appointed to Helper City Library Board


Helper City Councilwoman Amanda Wheeler presented her fellow council members with the need to appoint a new Helper City Library Board Member during a council meeting on Thursday. Wheeler stated that she would like to appoint local Lenora Callor to the position, informing all that she had been recommended and believes that she would be great for the position.

Recently, the library board has had two resignations. A motion was made by the council to appoint Callor, which was approved. The board is currently looked to appoint one other person.

The council members also took time to discuss the need for impact material for the city park in the amount of $7,000. A parks inspector recently paid a visit and stated that in order for the park to be insured, all regulations must be met. Risk management is stating that equipment needs to be removed or improved to meet the current code for safety.

Materials such as the railroad border need to be replaced with border material, as well as chip material needed for the monkey bars and other equipment. Funds for this will come from the Helper Parks Department and has been budgeted for. This was also approved by the council.

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