Letter to the Editor: a New Postmaster for Helper


Dear Editor,

It is a great honor to serve Helper as your new Postmaster. In my years with the United States Postal Service, I have seen firsthand the role the Postal Service plays connecting neighbors and our community to the nation. Our Post Offices also serve as a lifeline for our small businesses to reach customers no matter where they are.

Two years ago, we launched Delivering for America (DFA), a 10-year strategic plan to modernize and revitalize the Postal Service. The DFA is a transformational roadmap to building operational excellence, financial stability and a sustainable future for this essential national institution.

In its first two years, DFA has achieved significant and measurable successes. We are improving service, efficiency and our financial outlook — building a new USPS while continuing to meet our universal service mission to deliver mail and packages six and seven days a week. We have aligned our organizational structure for operational excellence, converted 125,000 employees to full-time positions, increased package processing capacity to 60 million per day, and improved our operations with advanced tools, visibility, collaboration, and an aggressive attitude towards performance excellence.

All of this in service of delivering mail and packages to more than 165 million addresses across our nation every day.

On behalf of the 650,000 women and men of the U.S. Postal Service, I thank you for continuing to support the Postal Service. Providing reliable delivery while strengthening the future of this treasured institution is our commitment to you.

Daniel Franco
Helper, UT

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