Letter to the Editor: Carbon County Commission Race


To Whom It May Concern:

Are you better off today than two years ago? If you answered yes, you must be a Carbon County commissioner, related to one of the commissioners, or an employer to a relative of a Carbon County commissioner!

Both incumbent commissioners ran on the promise they would not raise taxes. Yet, their first official act was to raise taxes for those of use living in the county. Yes, they did hold a public hearing, which was a joke! They had made up their minds (assuming they collectively have one) to raise taxes in a closed-door meeting before the hearing even started. It was a waste of time even though several good ideas were voiced it made no difference.

Did you know a commissioner’s son works for a so-called local engineering firm? Carbon County has paid more than one million one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to this firm; a great deal of it in cost over runs change orders etc. Even when the firm is not the low bidder the commission manage to create a reason to award the bid to their pet firm. Yet, when you talk to department heads, they say this firm is hard to work with. They never come in on time and have numerous problems, not to mention they are grossly overpriced! Yet, your commissioners bend over backwards to give them work!

I guess we all should consider hiring a commissioners family member. I am at a point that when it comes to commissioners the devil, we don’t know has got to be better than what we currently have. They say a definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing and expect a different outcome; if you voted for the current commissioners last time and you vote for them again this time and you think things well get better; you may in fact, be insane! We need to elect people like Mike Demitrich or Bill Krompel who worked for the citizens of the county, kept taxes low, and left office with a $20,000,000 RAINEY DAY FUND. It is time for a change lets vote these clowns out of office! This space is paid for by me, Mel Coonrood.

Melvin Coonrod
Carbon County, UT

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