Letter to the Editor: Comment on “The Takeover is Completed” by Patrick Sundstrom


Note: You can read Patrick Sundstrom’s Letter to the Editor, referenced in the following letter, by clicking here. 

Dear Editor,

First of all, Democracy and Communism are based on different ideological principles, therefore to call it the “Communist/Democratic party is clearly wrong.

There’s no “takeover” or “coup” by the Democratic party but there’s an attempt to “overthrow the gov,” promoted and incited by Trump and perpetrated by his followers that could have ended up in a “coup” if succeeded. That’s giving “the finger” to this Nation and his supporters, who were lied to and used, to defend his own personal interests, manipulated into believing nonsensical conspiracy theories and controlled through fear and favors. So then, ignoring his hundreds of rioters now sitting in jail.
Democrats won with over 7 million votes over Trump, after so many attempts to fight the results, in Court, there’s no evidence of election fraud by Dems voters but a few shenanigans by Republican voters. The Senate was also voted Democrat by the People. Both parties’ voters, exercised their Rights to vote last November, the majority of the people chose Biden. Now, if you believe the “Scrooge” stole your Christmas, you also believe that Biden stole the elections.
I’m not too fond of Biden but I voted for him to get rid of Trump and my ideology’s based Democratic, nothing in common with republicans. He’s got so much fixing to do, cleaning up the “disaster” left by Trump and his republicans.
Remember democrats aren’t perfect but Republicans are “nuts”.
I wouldn’t write a letter without being well informed with facts for my personal and individual conclusions. I wouldn’t repeat the most ridiculous, nonsensical arguments, like a parrot, without fact checking and common sense.
Because if you think, we live under Communism, there’s no “freedom of speech” we wouldn’t be expressing our opinion to start with and trust me if you knew what Communism is by reading its definition, you would had left the Country very quickly.
Noura Hama
Wellington, UT

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