Utah Ranked the Best State for College Students


Studee, a tool for international students that wish to locate and apply to universities abroad, recently conducted research to determine the best states in which to receive higher education.

Through this research, it was discovered that Utah was the number one state to be a student in 2021. In the Beehive State, the average cost of tuition is $6,731 compared to the number two state of California at $8,118. The percent of population in Utah that is in the age range between 19 and 25 years is 10.9%, which was another point in Utah’s favor.

Reviewing room and board, happiness and crime levels, income and number of clear days, Utah came out on top out of ten states with a final score of 7.04. California came in at 6.99 and Texas followed at 6.81.

“Utah is the second happiest state in the USA and boasts five national parks, making it a great place overall for students,” the study shared. While Utah was ranked the best state for college students, Florida was also noted as the best state for inexpensive tuition and Hawaii was ranked as the best state for happiness.

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For more information on the study, click here. Information on USU Eastern may be found here.

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