Letter to the Editor: Political Sign Thefts


Dear Editor,

My name is John Huitt and I am writing to you to tell the person, or persons, who stole my signs and now my flag showing my support for the Biden/Harris team it is time for you to grow up. I would like to know when it became alright in Carbon County to take something from someone’s property. Not only did they take two signs, but now they walked onto my porch and took my flag and my flag pole.

I know that many of you will say that it is not a big deal, it is. I know many of you will laugh and say that is what you get for supporting Biden. I have been a Democrat my whole life and it is not until this year that I have had issues with the Republican Party. I have never voted for a person who ran as a Republican, but I have respected them.I will say that I have known many great people who are Republicans and I have had some of the best debates with them. I have seen that when both parties come together and talk great things happen in this country.

I remember that one of the most Republican person ever, Orrin Hatch and the biggest Democrat ever, Ted Kennedy would argue about everything, but in the end they came together and did what was right for this country. This is no longer about Democrat vs Republican, it is all about hate. I am not sure what the people feel that they will gain from this action, but it will not stop me from voting. I am very aware that the Biden/Harris ticket will not win in Utah and it has been that way forever.

I have no problem with anyone who supports the Republican Party, I am glad to see you are involved. What these people are doing is not support someone, it is a crime. I wonder if I am onto a supporter of the other party and took your flag or your sign what would happen to me.

The election will soon be over, but I am afraid that the hate that is being spilled out here will not. You have the right as an American to speak you mind, but when it comes to stealing from someone, you have gone too far. I know that I will never get my stuff back, and I am very sure I will never know who took it. I also know that they will never care about what I am saying in this letter, but there comes a time when someone has to speak up, and now is the time. If anyone can explain to me why it is alright for something like this to take place, please do so, it is not.

Thank you for letting me speak my mind.

John Huitt
Carbon County 

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