Lighthouse High Has Eventful 1st Quarter


Press Release

Lighthouse High has gotten back to work immediately in this new 2016-17 year. Lighthouse High was a top performing non-traditional high school in the state, 23 points away from a perfect score.  

As part of Lighthouse High’s unique way of life, the students, who meet academic criteria, are rewarded with hands-on learning experiences. Lighthouse High has gone kayaking, biking, horseback-riding and has even been to the beach.   

During school, Mr. Wilson’s P. E. class, juniors, played dodge ball against Mr. Benson’s English class, sophomores. Mr. Benson rewarded his class for scoring a perfect score on a reading quiz by allowing them to participate in the dodge ball game. Though they were outnumbered two-to-one, the sophomores did their best. They were defeated, however.

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