Lighthouse High Students Balance Work and Play


Press Release

Students at Lighthouse High School have stayed busy. In January, they took the SAGE interim tests. Most students improved their score on the test from last year.
On February 28, Lighthouse High School hosted all the juniors in the district for ACT testing. During test time, LHS sophomores and seniors visited the Hogle Zoo. The zoo has hosted LHS students free of charge for years.
On March 10, LHS hosted its annual prom. Josh Vigil and Ashlyn Jeffs were voted prom king and queen.
Mr. Feik’s manufacturing classes went to the Autorama in Salt Lake City. The show started with several speakers from exhibit shop owners. Surprisingly, the topics spoken of related to ethics. Each speaker encouraged the students to deal honestly with their customers and explained the long-term benefits word-of-mouth advertised industry. The students enjoyed each exhibit, ranging from classic Chevy Camaro to modern Ford Mustang.
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