“Llama Guy” Walks Old Spanish Trail, Through Emery County


A man with two llama’s and a dog were spotted on Castle Dale’s Main Street Wedesday on their way down the Old Spanish Trail.

The man was seen doing laundry at the laundromat and at Stewart’s Marketplace before leaving on his way toward Ferron. Thursday, he reached Ferron.

Not much is known about the man. Moab City Hall and Travel Council were contacted, but even they don’t know much of anything about him.

He allegedly left Moab about a week ago.

The Old Spanish Trail is a historical trade route spanning some 1200 miles between Northern New Mexico and Los Angeles, California.

If “Llama Guy” continues on the trail’s correct path, as he has seemed to do, he will walk past the town of Emery down to Fremont Junction then over I-70(Salina Canyon) to Salina.

For more information about the Old Spanish Trail, click here.

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