Local Author Self-Publishes First Novel “Five Days Dead”


James L. Davis is an author who lives in Spanish Fork with his wife and children. The Orangeville native recently self-published his first novel “Five Days Dead.”

Prior to living in Spanish Fork, Davis and his family lived in Orangeville where he worked for Nielson Construction. Later, he became a columnist for Family News in the Deseret News for six months. Davis and his wife Colleen also owned their own newspaper, The Emery Review, from 2007 to 2009. Davis’ background comes from being chief editor for news service for Scott Air Force in the 80’s in addition to being the editor for Emery County Progress from 2000 to 2002.

Davis’ hometown is Orangeville, although he was not born or raised there. From the time of his birth until his teenage years, his family moved around a lot. After he joined the Air Force, most of his family migrated to Orangeville. Davis had been going to Orangeville for most of his life to visit his sister and it was the place he dreamed of when he was far away from home.

Davis left the military after eight years and suddenly found himself a single parent. Realizing that raising his children with only him as adult supervision would lead to their complete and utter dysfunction, he moved to his “hometown” for the first time. Here, he wrote the book that was in the making since his childhood.

When Davis was 12-years-old, his mother, Francis Sammons Davis, told him to go write a book, mostly to keep him from pestering her and from tormenting his brothers. He took her up on the suggestion and has been dreaming and writing ever since.

Davis recently completed and published the novel “Five Days Dead.” The science fiction/fantasy novel is an apocalyptic western where the last cowboy fights to survive in a reality that is no longer his. It serves as prelude to a nine novel series set in a world where the end of everything is about to begin. The book is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.

The author has also self-published two books of humor essays collected from a weekly newspaper column he penned over a period of years when he and his wife owned a small town newspaper. The books “Lost in My Hometown: A Collection of Senseless Ramblings” and “Don’t Steal their Noses and Other Parental Words of Wisdom” are available on Amazon.

To learn more about Davis and his recently published novel “Five Days Dead,” go to his website at www.jamesldavis2.com

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