Local Cancer Patient Gifted New Car


By Taren Powell

The Secret Samaritan Charity Program strikes again. Crystal Montoya of Helper was gifted a Hyundai Sonata as a way to travel safely to and from her medical treatments in Salt Lake City.

The nomination came from Montoya’s neighbor and friend, Jessica Cocciolo. She explained that Montoya has been diagnosed with breast cancer and travels frequently for treatments. However, Montoya’s car recently broke down and is not worth fixing.

Montoya has a husband and three young children who desperately want her to continue fighting cancer and the car will allow her to receive the treatments she needs. Cocciolo noted in her nomination letter that even when Montoya is feeling sick from chemotherapy, she gets up, puts a smile on her face and goes about taking care of her family, being a great friend and still continues to be kind to those around her.

“She needs a miracle right now, please, we all need her,” shared Cocciolo.

This donation was given to the Montoya family and was made possible by the amazing donors with the Secret Samaritan Charity Program. Montoya fought back tears as she shared how thankful she was to be the recipient of this generous gift. She said she will help spread the word so others can be blessed through their hard times.

We are here to take care of each other as a community. If someone you know has came under tough times and could use a little help, please send an application to Nick Tatton, PO Box 893, Price, UT 84501 or email nickt@priceutah.net. In the application, please include the following: the nominee’s name, address, telephone number and your relationship with the nominee.

It should also be included why you are nominating this person and specific details on this person’s needs. Please list at least two additional people that are familiar with the person’s needs that can be contacted, including their names, telephone numbers and/or email addresses. Please list your name, address, telephone number and/or email address as well.

Secret Samaritan appreciates anyone who wants to assist its efforts by making donations. Those who wish to donate can do so by sending the donation to: Southeast Utah Community Development Corporation (CDC), Attention: Secret Samaritan Charity Program, PO Box 893, Price, UT 84501.

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