Local Elementary School Students Hit the Pavement


On Wednesday of this week, several elementary schools in both Carbon and Emery County participated in national Walk to School Day. The elementary schools involved each found different ways to encourage students to walk to school and, in the process, enjoy physical activity.

Castle Dale Elementary Principal Melinda Durrant explained that for Castle Dale students, the option was given to be let off at an earlier stop along the school bus route and walk the last part of the journey to school accompanied by teachers. Students also had the option to walk or ride their bikes with their parents as they do every day.

Students of Castle Heights Elementary could meet at a local park in the morning and walk with other students and teachers to school, explained principal Chris Winfree.

Both schools found much success this year. Castle Dale Elementary had the majority of their students and teachers walking to school Wednesday morning and Winfree offered an estimate of 300 students, about two-thirds of the student body, who walked to Castle Heights Elementary.

“We’re hoping they realize that being fit and getting exercise can be fun,” Durrant said.

“It gives us a chance to remind them to be active,” Winfree similarly expressed.

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