Local Elementary Students Believe, Dream and Inspire


By Kristi Maxwell

Huntington Elementary hosted the PTA Region Reflections Award Ceremony on Thursday.

Cottonwood, Huntington, Sally Mauro, Creekview and Wellington elementary schools participated in the program this year. Every year hundreds of PTA organizations recognize thousands of students across the country and in American schools overseas for their participation and achievements in the arts.

Family engagement in the Reflections program is one of PTA’s most important goals. Each student is encouraged by teachers, PTA leaders and parents to reflect on a theme and create an original artwork. Mentors provide impact for students through their encouragement to explore the arts. This program relies heavily on the unique creativity of each student. This year’s theme was “Believe, Dream, Inspire.” The winners are as follows:

Visual Arts: Award of Excellence, December Jensen – Wellington, Taybree Anderson – Creekview, Natalie VanDyke – Creekview,  Natalie Brown – Cottonwood. Award of Merit, Austin Hall – Huntington, Jezmin Pressett – Creekview, Josie Thayn – Sally Mauro, Salma Meza – Wellington

3-D Visual Arts: Award of Excellence, Shalako Gunter – Creekview, Philip Howa – Sally Mauro, Anthony Reid – Cottonwood, Janey VanDyke – Creekview. Award of Merit, Carson Anderson – Sally Mauro, Natalie VanDyke – Creekview, Gavin Fausett – Creekview, Allena Ison – Wellington

Dance: Award of Merit, McKinlee Sharp – Creekview

Photography:  Award of Excellence, Katie Jones – Creekview,  Jon Leautaud –Creekview, Dalton Anderson – Creekview, Tanner Greenhalgh – Wellington.

Award of Merit, Bryndee Maxfield – Creekview, Kyler Greenhalgh – Wellington, Zack Tuttle – Cottonwood, Cade Jackson – Creekview.

Film Production: Award of Excellence, Logan Palmer – Creekview. Award of Merit, Ty Mortenson – Creekview

Music Composition: Award of Excellence, Katelyn Neilson – Huntington, Bryndee Maxfield – Creekview, Haley Guymon – Huntington. Award of Merit, Alli  Bryner – Creekview, Haylie Warner –Wellington.

Literature: Award of Excellence, Madi Johnson – Creekview, Attalee Jones – Creekview, Maci Alton – Cottonwood, Janey VanDyke – Creekview. Award of Merit, Coy Tuttle – Cottonwood, Tailey Higgenbotham – Wellington, Carson Palmer – Creekview, Kyler Greenhalgh – Wellington.

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