Local Hunters Participate in 2015 Summer Pursuit Season


Locals in the community use country surroundings each year to participate in the summer pursuit season. Starting in June, local hunters gathered for the pursuit.

This is a hunt commonly used to practice and train dogs so they are ready for the real hunt. This season allows the hunters to pursue and tree bears without harvesting them.

Most hunts include getting up before the sun, loading the dogs and heading out to look for tracks along roads and trails. When the dogs strike, or smell where a bear has recently been, it’s time to unload the dogs and see if they can sniff out the bear. Sometimes, the dogs are successful while other times hunters load the dogs back up and try again. When the dogs chase a bear, they chase them until the bear trees up. When the bear is treed, the dogs will sit and bark, signaling the hunters they have done their part in the hunt.

Eleven-year-old huntress Kaylie Hinkins enjoys bear hunting and participates in hunts along with her father. “I love hiking to the tree when the bear is caught to see it,” she said.

Participation in the sport comes from all ages and families across Utah.

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