Local PBR Member Defies All Odds to Ride Again


Photo courtesy of Jessica Moosman

Castle Country local Kache Moosman was involved in a collision with a semi truck in December 2004. While being transported to Castleview Hospital, he died several different times.

At the hospital, Moosman was worked on diligently while waiting for a helicopter to arrive. The initial plan was to transport Moosman by air over the mountain. However, due to uncooperative weather conditions, they were only able to reach the summit before turning around.

From there, Moosman was transported by plane to Utah Valley, then again to Primary Children’s Hospital and eventually to the University of Utah Hospital. Weeks later, on Christmas Day, Moosman finally responded by squeezing his mother’s hand. The day before his father’s birthday, Jan. 4, Moosman opened his eyes again.

Upon awaking, Moosman faced an uphill battle of relearning daily skills that are taken for granted, including talking, writing, reading and walking. While a physical therapist informed Moosman that before therapy could be conducted, his body would need to rebuild muscle mass. Moosman surprised them all by defying the odds and attempting to move with a walker just four short days later. Jan. 8 became his official start date of physical therapy.

On Moosman’s mother’s birthday, Jan. 18, he returned home to continue physical therapy and slowly ease back into his life and then schooling by the end of March. Moosman, always had a passion for rodeo and bullriding. One day, he was visited by his brother and a friend in the hospital as they were on their way to attend a rodeo. Moosman was upset that he could not go and expressed his desire to join them.

Moosman’s wife Jessica stated that if bullriding was on the television in his hospital room, his heart rate would spike. He had a strong desire and goal to ride once again. In 2018, Moosman shocked all by completing his first year of riding in a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) competition. The PBR is an international professional bull riding organization that is based out of Pueblo, Colo. Over 600 riders from the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Mexico and other countries currently hold PBR memberships. Moosman was just out of the Velocity Tour Finals and is looking forward to a great 2019 year.

“He has had some huge accomplishments this year. He is the hardest working, most kind-hearted person you will ever meet. I am beyond proud of him for everything he does,” Jessica stated.

Moosman and his wife, Jessica, reside in the Castle Country area and are the parents of two children.

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