Man Leads Police on Chase Through South Price


A car chase through South Price late Wednesday night resulted in the arrest of a Price resident, who was then charged with third degree felony evading and reckless driving.

John Andrew Brinkley, 33, of Price, was spotted by police at a business located at 65 South 100 East at approximately 9:30 p.m. According to Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes, the vehicle was parked in an area that does not usually see traffic at night. An officer approached the suspicious vehicle. That is when Brinkley quickly fled.

A brief pursuit ensued through Southeast Price until police lost site of the vehicle at the East Price interchange. Soon after, Brinkley was spotted in Southwest Price where a second chase commenced.

“The suspect bailed out of the vehicle at 700 West and 300 South,” Barnes explained. “He ran through several yards and on the highway. Officers made contact with him there.”

Brinkley was also driving on a suspended license and his vehicle was impounded following the incident.

“He does have a criminal history, but nothing related to this,” Barnes indicated. “Because several traffic violations were made during the chase, he was charged with reckless driving as well as evading.”

It is unclear why Brinkley ran from police.

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