Many Prepare For Memorial Day


Cemeteries around the Castle-Country area are maintained yearly to get ready for Memorial Day. Many of those that take care of the cemetery are worthy of our gratitude.

Price City and Huntington City boast a few of the most well regarded cemeteries around.

Chad Greenhalgh and his crew of eight full- time and two seasonal workers maintain both of Price City’s cemeteries. The workers water, mow, trim, prune, level and sod all of the new graves almost year-round.

Julie Jones and a crew of five maintain Huntington City’s cemetery. Many volunteers also chip in throughout the year.

Those cemeteries and many others are maintained for the use of the citizens in the two-county area, and are great facilities because of the people that put time in to make them beautiful.

Thousands visit the cemeteries each year with a hope to feel closer to those that they have lost. The cemetery workers do more than just maintain the look of the cemeteries, and they deserve thanks for that and much more.

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