Marietti Monuments Announces Winner of “Headstones From the Heart”


In mid-February, the owners of Marietti Monuments announced that they were hosting a “Headstones From the Heart” contest for those that reside in Utah.

Through this contest, there was an opportunity to win a free headstone by telling their story. Val Marietti of Marietti Monuments stated that, following a meeting about the local cemeteries, she began thinking of all those that have passed in the community but do not have a headstone.

With the contest, those that chose to enter were encouraged to tell the story of their loved one and why they do not have a headstone, whether it be the associated cost, the feelings involved or something entirely different.

“One of the best things about living in this community is watching the people here come together and help someone in need,” Marietti stated.

The concept of the contest did not end with a story, however. Furthering the message of giving back, Marietti stated they also wished to know how winning would be paid forward, as everyone knows someone that is in need. Those residing anywhere within 100 miles of Price were encouraged to enter.

The event was open for 14 days, from Feb. 13 to Feb. 27. On March 10, Marietti announced that the winner of the contest was Amy Lee. They plan to meet this month to begin designing a headstone for her mother.

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