MHMS Places Second at NASP World Archery Championship in Florida


Photo Courtesy of Tom Lasslo

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) World Championship was held June 6 through June 8 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS) athletes participated in the events. MHMS had an excellent showing, finishing in the second overall position out of 47 teams in the IBO 3-D event. The team would also finish second overall out of 36 teams in the Bullseye event.

Starting in the IBO 3-D Challenge, the team scored 1,692 points, with 102 tens hit, behind the team from South Carolina (1,705). The event had 366 competitors in the boy’s division and 321 competing in the girl’s division.

Joe Christensen led the boys with a score of 290 with 21 tens hit. Christensen placed sixth overall for a fantastic showing from the seventh grader. Following for the boys was Jantz Greenhalgh, scoring an impressive 284 points, with 20 tens hit, placing 17 overall. Kortland Sinclair was next, also with a fantastic showing, scoring 284 points with 16 tens hit, putting him in the 21 overall spot. Colton Steele was next with 278 points and 14 tens hit, placing at number 46. He was followed by Caden Steele with 277 points and 17 tens hit, finishing at number 49 in the division.

Joel Seeley scored 275, with 15 tens hit, placing at 56. Hunter Cowley scored 275 as well, with 13 tens hit, placing 59. Carter Jenson was next, scoring 272, with 12 tens hit, placing at 75. Rounding out the boys were Bridger Sharp (266), Lucas Vuksinick (264), Maximus Johnson (263), Dax Greenhalgh (255), Chet Fredrickson (254), Andrew Arthur (253), Jax Christensen (247) and Axel Kranendonk (216).

For the girl’s division, Lanaya Pitcher was precise, leading the team with 285 points, 19 tens hit, placing her at eleventh overall in the event. Jerusha Watson was next, scoring 271 points, with 12 tens hit, finishing in the 68 spot. Following closely behind was Nancy Cox, scoring 270, with 10 tens hit, placing 74. Brynlee Tullis scored 266 in the event, with 11 tens hit, placing number 88. Following was Jaide Vasquez (262), Sarah Lasslo (254), Savannah Lundgreen (252) and Brayli Anderton (216).

Onto the Bullseye event, Mont Harmon scored 3,341 points collectively, with 175 ten hits. There were 495 competitors in the boy’s division and 449 in the girl’s division. The Alabama team would place first overall with a final score of 3,350.

Seeley was dominant, leading the boys with 285 points and 19 tens hit, placing 34 overall. Greenhalgh had another impressive showing, scoring 281, with 16 tens hit, finishing in the 56 spot. Colton Steele scored 280 points, with 19 tens hit, finishing at the 64 spot. Caden Steele was next with 280 points as well, with 14 tens hit, placing 67. Jensen followed with 278 points and 12 tens hit, finishing at the 76 position. Followed by Sinclair (275), Cowley (274), Jo. Christensen (274), Kranendonk (272), Johnson (271), Fredrickson (267), D. Greenhalgh (266), Ja. Christensen (265), Vuksinick (262), Sharp (261) and Arthur (252).

In the girls’ division, Pitcher led the team once more with a score of 282, with 17 tens hit, placing 37 overall out of the 449 competitors. Sarah Lasslo was next with 280 points, with 14 tens hit, placing at the 56 position. Jaide Vasquez finished with 277 points and 13 tens hit, placing 86 in the event. Brynlee Tullis scored 275, with nine tens hit, placing 111. Following was Cox (274), Watson (267), Anderton (262) and Lundgreen (242).

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