Mike Dalpiaz Visits the Carbon County Historical Society


Mike R. Dalpiaz paid a visit to the Carbon County Historical Society during their March meeting to give a presentation on the coal mining industry.

Dalpiaz began working in the underground coal mining industry in 1971 and continued that work until 1979. Dalpiaz was a local Union officer and handled grievances, also acting as a safety representative. From 1977 to 1979, he was elected as the Internal Auditor for the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and from ’79 to now, he has held various elected positions in the Union.

These positions include District Vice President, District President, International Executive Board Members and International Vice President of District 22, which is his current position.

Throughout the years, Dalpiaz has served on many mining boards while being involved in mining and safety of all aspects. He served on the Institution Council College of Eastern Utah for eight years, which acted as the prominent mine safety training facility for the western states, at that time.

These many ventures are not the only way that Dalpiaz stays involved in the community, however. He also sits on various local boards such as water boards, public safety boards and the like. For sixteen years, he was the mayor of Helper City and was also on the council for two years.

“For the many years he has been in the industry, he has worked internationally with mining companies and Unions on mining and safety issues throughout the world,” the historical society shared.

To accompany his presentation, Dalpiaz came prepared with items from the mining days and informational documents to pass out to those in attendance.

The Carbon County Historical Society meets on the final Thursday of each month at the Carbon County Senior Center. The meetings begin at 6 p.m. and typically feature light refreshments.

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