Missing Carbon County Resident


The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in finding 26-year-old Price resident, Justin Olson.

According to Chief Deputy Tom Stefanoff (CCSO), Olson has not been seen or heard from since October 30, 2012, where he was seen walking on Carbonville road. Olson did report to work on Sunday, October 28, but no friends or family report having contact with him after that point. Olson’s mother, Carolyn Attwood, said his roommate reported Olson was at home inВ Pilling’sВ Trailer Court on the night of the 27th. But Attwood worries because her son was in a fairly serious car accident on Friday, October 26, when he drove his car off a steep embankment in the Consumer’s area.

“He tried calling me the following day but I was out of cell range. I called him the moment I could, but from then on his phone has gone strictly to voicemail,” Attwood explained.

According to Attwood, Justin’s friends were with him on the night after the accident and said he was stumbling, and complaining that his head and chest hurt, however he declined their offers to take him to the hospital.

“I don’t understand it, if I would have seen him in that state as a friend, I would have made him go back to the hospital,” Attwood said.

Although Olson was complaining of further injuries there was an ambulance on the scene of the accident that Friday night and Olson was simply treated for minor scrapes and cuts. Now the family fears he may be lost and confused, possibly suffering from memory loss after hitting his head on the windshield.

Chief Deputy Stefanoff said they do not believe this to be an incident of foul play.

“We have not found any reason to believe Justin Olson did not just simply leave, there are many that have said he talked about heading to California,” Stefanoff said. Olson’s mother agreed with the possibility saying he loved the Palm Springs area, however she did not agree with him not letting anyone know where he went.

“He loves California and has visited the state many times, but he has always called me, or let me know before he left,” Attwood said.

Justin is described as having dark brown hair, 5ft 7in tall and weighs about 165 lbs. Attwood just reported that an old co-worker of Jason’s from Horizon mine called her today and said he may have seen him on Price Main street this past Friday night near Grako’s, but he wasn’t sure.

“He is a good kid, and we love him. We just want him to know that he isn’t in any kind of trouble from the car accident and he needs to let us know he is alright,” Attwood said.

If you have any information regarding Justin Olson’s whereabouts please contact the Carbon County Sheriff’s Department at 435-636-3251 or call his mother, Carolyn Attwood at 435-749-9717.



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