Mont Harmon Middle School Archery Team Headed to State Shooting Competition


Mont Harmon Middle School has an archery team comprised of 24 varsity shooters and two alternates. The team members are made up of many students in each grade. Six members in sixth grade, five seventh grade students and 15 eight grade members in total.

These students are Cooper Schade, Levi Schade, Cole Cripps, Dax Humes, Bryce Judd, Merrick Morgan, Cayden Steele, Ridge Neilson, Conner Vigor, Dylan McArthur, Dillion Thomas, Max Dolanwheeler, Chanse Pendagrass, Trevor Worley, Chris Grant, Derick Robinson, Brynlei Luke, Jenna Richards, Eminie Elliot, Taie Day, Issabelle Anderson, Kayla Wilson, Gabriella Garcia and Britney Maw as well as Kelcie Johnson and Prank Winster for the alternates.

Under the direction of coach Tom Lasslo, the team will be going to the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City on Saturday  to compete in the State Shooting Competition.

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