Mountain Man Rendezvous Celebrates 20 Years


On Friday, May 10, Carbon School District hosted their annual Mountain Man Rendezvous. This marks a 20-year tradition of teaching kids what it took to be a mountain man during the trade era.

The first Mountain Man Rendezvous was hosted in correlation with the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. 20 years ago, Karen Bedont and her family started the tradition as part of a humanities class for the students of Lighthouse Learning Center. It quickly became a district-wide event that forwarded the opportunity for many fourth graders to learn more about Utah’s history.

Despite the Lighthouse Learning Center being merged with Carbon High School, Bedont has continued with the annual event. Volunteers and members of the community with a knowledge in the Utah Historical Trade Era are always invited to join.

Students were able to learn about black powder muzzle loaders and how to properly and safely load them. Many students enjoyed the yummy Dutch oven meal samples that they were provided, which helped warm them up a bit.

The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) were in attendance as well, teaching students how to properly shoot a bow and arrow. Students were also given the opportunity to check their aim with tomahawk throwing. Many students enjoyed huddling up in the teepee listening to stories, while others enjoyed the chance to buy something from the trader store.

There was something for each student to enjoy as they learned a big part of Utah’s history.

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