New Book “Castle Gate” Reveals the Shattering Drama of that Fateful Day


Press Release

On March 8, 1924, over 170 men were killed in Castle Gate, Utah in one of the most devastating coal mine disasters in American history. Three of those men were ancestors of Phoenix author Lisa Bonnice, whose newest book “Castle Gate” is the true saga of two Scottish families whose dreams of finding their fortunes in the U.S. became a nightmare.

Based on years of exhaustive genealogical research, “Castle Gate” tells the story of a coal mining town shattered on that fateful day, and the Littlejohn and Garroch families who ran the mine and worked underground. Bonnice is a descendant of both families.

“Castle Gate” is filled with stories of those who lived and died that day, some of whom stayed home due to premonitions, and many more who ignored those warnings. It explores life in a rugged mining town during Prohibition, which was largely ignored, especially in nearby towns that were filled with saloons and brothels.

Bonnice is the author of “Fear of Our Father,” a best-selling true-crime novel that has been featured in television and radio programs in the US and the UK. She also authored a metaphysical comedy novel entitled “The Poppet Master.” A former associate producer for, she is a popular program host with The Shift Network, hosting the annual “Ancestral Healing Summit” and “Beyond the Veil Summit.”

“Castle Gate” can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

“The story’s depth offers a powerful illustration of how historical events can impact generations.”
— Sandra Ingerman, MA, world-renowned teacher of shamanism and award-winning author of 13 books, including “The Book of Ceremony”

 “This riveting historical adventure is a potent reminder that our ancestral stories are alive within us. ”
— Perdita Finn, author of “Take Back the Magic: Conversations with the Unseen World”

 “This planned trilogy delves into generational trauma, something common to most families…”
— Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, Certified Genealogist® and author of “You Can Write Your Family History”

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