New Home For Kokopelli Statue


The Kokopelli statue will again be gracing Price City in the very near future.

Price City Councilmen heard from Public Works Director Gary Sontag that the pedestal for the statue by local artist Gary Prazen was moving right along.

The Kokopelli statue was originally located in the middle of a four way intersection at Main Street and 100 West. It was removed after many complaints that it was a traffic obstruction. The new home for the art piece will be on the corner of 100 North and 100 East. It will be one piece of a city block beautification project on which Price City is embarking.

Sontag said getting the statue mounted was just the tip of the iceberg and there would be some nice surprises in store for the community when the corner area was completed. The entire corner project will be complete before International Days in July.

The council also approved a clarification of the sidewalk ordinance. The changes to the ordinance helped define whose responsibility the maintenance and care of the sidewalks in the city belonged. Homeowners have the duty to maintain the sidewalks in front of their homes butВ assistanceВ will be given when they need to be replaced or upgraded.

If those sidewalks need to be fixed there is a program in place with Price City to help with labor involved. The corners on each block will be the sole liability of the city to assure proper ADA compliance. Driveways are entirely the homeowner’s responsibility. More information will be available on those changes and will be posted on the city’s web page in the near future.

Price City will be receiving a rebate of $19,647 from the insurance trust of which they are part. The city did not file a single general liability or property claim last year. Sontag reported that water levels in Scofield reservoir currently are 30,000 acre feet and rising. They are letting out only the minimum 7-feet-per second. A representative from the city will attend the Governor’s Office Utah Water Summit in October in an effort to continue the city’sВ water conservation efforts.

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