New Nine Mile Canyon Road to be Completed in December


A new and improved road 36 miles in length in historic Nine Mile Canyon will be completed in December.

Carbon County Commissioner Jae Potter said the road will take care of safety issues and increase tourism in what’s said to be the “longest art gallery in the world.”

“It’s needed to be done for a long time because it wil cure a lot of problems,” he said. “It is a good addition.”

The road has undergone a very recent third-party test to ensure the road can withstand the traffic expected in the future. An inspector explained to Carbon County Commissioners on June 6 that all tests conducted met requirements for continuation of the project.

Thirty four of the 36 miles will connect Cottonwood Canyon and Soldier Creek Mine and one mile each of Lower Harmon Canyon and Lower Gate Canyon.

The project is estimated to cost around $21 million and is being funded by Carbon and Duchesne Counties, Carbon and Duchesne County Road Districts, the State of Utah, and the Bill Barrett Corporation.

The road is under construction until December and the BLM recommends no passenger traffic until then.

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