New Price City Police Chief Takes Oath of Office


Wednesday’s Price City Council meeting was a lively event as the room filled with locals for the evening meeting. Leading down the agenda list, the council came to a very important topic for the meeting.

A new chief of police had to be appointed as Kevin Drolc is retiring in September after his many years of service. Taking Drolc’s place is Brandon Sicilia. He stood in front of the judge and audience at the meeting and participated in the oath of office ceremony, swearing his loyalty to protecting the city and its residents. The room was then filled with cheering and applause.

Councilman Layne Miller then spoke and wanted to make note of how much public support there is behind Sicilia. The council then accepted the motion for the oath of office for the position of chief of police.

The next exciting part of the evening garnering plenty of local support was another oath of office ceremony. The second ceremony was for the Price City Youth Council. While all new members stood in front of the crowd and judge, they took their oath of office. The room echoed once more with cheering and applause.


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