Newest Member of Wellington City Family Appointed


Amie Christiansen is no stranger to court proceedings after five years as a part-time court clerk in Helper. Her experience will prove undoubtedly useful as she takes on a new challenge as Wellington City’s new city court clerk and city treasurer.

The need for a new employee came nearly a month ago when, according to Glenna Etzel, the city’s recorder, the former city court clerk and city treasurer took a different job, leaving the position vacant.

After advertising and a thorough selection process involving over 50 applicants and processes such as testing subject knowledge and a personal interview, mayor Joan Powell appointed Christiansen to the position, which was recognized formally at the city council’s regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday.

The Carbon County native remains excited for her future in helping the city. While still working on the ins and outs of her new position, Christiansen’s work will help the city in various aspects.

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