Nile Mile Construction Update


Paving operations in Nine Mile Canyon will start today and last Tuesday and possibly Wednesday from mile post 29-35, including the Harmon Canyon bridge.

Tuesday, Harmon Canyon will be closed from noon-4 p.m. to pave the bridge.

Below is a list of remaining work in the canyon.

1. Re-grade and compact the road base surface through Sheep and Harmon sections. This work will be going on throughout the next 2 weeks.

2. Install 4″ of HMA asphalt on the ford crossing approaches, cattle guard approaches and the intersection at Harmon Canyon. This week

3. Install the first layer of chips. This will begin in approximately 2 – 3 weeks and will take 3 days to complete.

4. Cover the chips with a layer of Micro Surface. This will most likely happen the second week of May.

5. Install delineators.

6. Open up and improve two drainages in the Harmon section. This includes reshaping the drainages and installing rip rap.

7. Reconstruct approximately 1500 feet of irrigation ditch between Argyle and Harmon canyons.

Expect 10-20 minute delays.

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