Numbers Crunched on Lighthouse High Transition


Karen Bedont joined Carbon High School (CHS) Principal Chris Winfree and the rest of the Carbon School Board on Wednesday evening during their regularly scheduled virtual meeting to give a report on the Lighthouse High School (LHS) transfer students that moved to CHS.

There were 34 total students enrolled at Carbon High from Lighthouse High. Six Lighthouse students chose to transfer to Pinnacle Canyon Academy and the remaining nine went elsewhere. There were 14 seniors that were a part of the transition and 29 percent saw an increase in their GPA. Of these students, 91 percent were enrolled in one or more Tier III classes and 100 percent of the students were enrolled in CHS electives.

After the compilation of the data, it was determined by Mrs. Bedont and Mrs. Crowe that five students may have done better if they remained at LHS. However, it was stated that many more students were assisted by the efforts at CHS.

Bedont rounded out the presentation by speaking about the teachers, including what roles they have taken on and what ones have shifted slightly since transitioning to CHS.

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