Oliver & Sitterud Encourages All to Order Curbside For a Chance to Win Big


Yet another local opportunity to win big while supporting local eateries has come to the light. Oliver and Sitterud were pleased to announce on April 7 that those that order curbside and support the local restaurants during these uncertain times could win cash and gift cards.

Community members are being encouraged to order from their favorite locally-owned Carbon County restaurants such as the Tangerine Eatery, the Greek Streak, Balance Rock Eatery and Pub, Marsha’s Sammich Shop and more.

Following this order and pickup, those that wish to enter are encouraged to post a picture both of the food and receipt. The date on the receipt must be visible, as the dates to enter are between April 7 and April 29. Both Robert. A Oliver and Oliver & SItterud on Facebook must be tagged in the photos as well as the restaurant where the food was purchased.

Once all of this is complete, participants must share the original post from Robert A. Oliver, outlining the rules and procedures for the contest. One entry per curbside order may be submitted. A winner was announced live on April 15, with a second being announced on April 22 and the final winner on April 29.

Each winner will receive a $50 gift card to the local restaurant of their choice, courtesy of Robert A. Oliver at Oliver & Sitterud, as well as $100 cash.

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