Orangeville City Begins Plans for 2023


By Julie Johansen

The Orangeville City Council met for its regularly-scheduled January meeting last week. The first item on the agenda was a request from Early Head Start representative Roxanne Jensen to use one of the Orangeville City buildings for their family socialization meetings. She explained the purpose of the quarterly gatherings and gave the dates of the planned meetings.

After checking the city calendar, approval was given for the use of the Orangeville Community Center. The dates were in Feb. 27, May 22, Aug. 28 and Nov. 27 on Monday evenings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Other outings, including fire station and library visits, were also discussed and encouraged.

The Emery County Community Theatre next requested a donation in the amount of $100. The donation was approved and the production dates of March 17-20 were announced.

The city’s 2023 meeting schedule was also approved. The city council meetings will remain on the second Thursday of each month. Planning and zoning meetings will continue to be held on the first Thursday of each month.

Compliments on snow removal were then given to the workers and volunteers. Priority notices were spoken of, including the fire station, library and school areas. Mayor David Robertson also requested that the removal be clear to the curb. It was also suggested that citizens with fire hydrants near their property help keep the snow off of them as will the city workers.

Next, rental fees for the city hall room and community center were both considered. The community center went from $75 to $95 and the city hall room went from $35 to $45 per day. These increases will help cover the rise in utility expenses and the new key card security systems. A request from the city office for the purchase of the Canva program was also approved.

Ratification was then given for the Orangeville Youth City Council to attend Local Officials Day at the State Capitol Jan. 18. Four youth and two adults attended. Purchasing a magnetic locator for finding plots in the city cemetery was also ratified as well as employee Christmas bonuses in the amount of $150. The fire truck, sander, snow plow and snow guard were also authorized and the city financial audit by Kimball and Roberts for 2022 was approved.

A request for volunteer firefighters to use the community center for cornhole on Wednesday evenings was granted pending no previously-scheduled events. The flood repair at the center was also discussed. The leak was in the pipe going to the air conditioner. It was decided that the pipe should not be inside the building and needs to be rerouted. Central air was also considered and obtaining three bids was suggested by the council.

Appreciation was also given to Brian Christensen for his help with new cameras for city hall. Both Carolyn Marsing and Tosha Jewkes requested permission to attend training sessions for their city work. These requests were granted.

During the mayor and council reports, it was decided that the annual Orangeville Days celebration will be on July 21 and 22. Also, flood mitigation meetings are being held and it was stated that work needs to begin now before the high waters starts, probably around the first of May. This would include dead trees, limbs and other debris being removed from the streams to prevent blockage in the areas.

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