Orangeville City Responds to Citizen Requests and Concerns


By Julie Johansen

The Orangeville City Council began its November meeting by thanking Carol Stilson for her 16 years of service on the council. Stilson has decided not to seek re-election, meaning her term will end in December.

During citizen concerns, it was brought to the council’s attention that a new citizen was concerned about the vacant and unkept lots in Orangeville. The new resident had spoke to a council member wondering what could be done. The council members decided they needed to review the ordinances and also inform the public of the requirements on the ordinances so they could follow them. The enforcement of these ordinances is a problem and would require hiring an enforcement officer.

Postmaster Trevor Allen had concerns about a large increase in the water bill for the post office. He was concerned about the increase because of the small size of the office and facilities. Allen also said that if costs continue to rise, there is a possibility of losing the post office.

Mayor David Robertson reported that this was a result of miscommunication because when the out-of-city limits bills were raised, industrial rates in the city were also increased mistakenly. These rates will be studied and contact with the special service district and water company will help the council with decisions so that a vote can be taken in December’s meeting.

Bodie Taylor then spoke to the council about the truck leasing program Orangeville City is participating in. He explained the new program with the increased rates, but said that there is no maintenance while the trucks are leased. Also, once the term is finished, the city will receive compensation on the sale of the truck. City funds for leasing have been set aside and the council felt that leasing makes sense.

It was announced that the 2024 Orangeville Days will be June 14 and 15, which were chosen last meeting. After discussion of budget changes to facilitate these dates, this item was ratified. Also ratified was the purchase of an audio system for the council room.

A cost of living raise for all employees was requested and approved. This would be retroactive to include 2022 and 2023. Purchasing batteries for the dump truck was also approved unanimously. The council then revisited Mike Madsen’s request to lease a share of water from the city. The council felt that it would be best if he went to the canal company to lease water.

Property leased by Thad Morris next to the city cemetery is needed for expansion of the cemetery. A contract between Morris and Orangeville City has been sent to him, but the city is waiting for a response. This item was tabled.

Bill and Kranessa Anderson expressed a desire to purchase a small piece of land located across the street from their home. The council and mayor reviewed this and felt that maybe a lease would be a better option than to sell it. The lease would need to be specific, but having someone take care of the lot would be advantageous to the city. This request was tabled for further communication with all parties.

Purchasing cells phones for the city recorder and treasurer was approved because of their use for city business. Placing cameras on the new pickleball courts was tabled to get quotes.

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