Emery Commissioners Discuss Land Exchanges, Annexations and More


By Julie Johansen

Mike Favero, pre-construction manager for Dominion Energy, gave an update to the Emery County Commission last week on the natural gas installation project in Green River. He said that the major lines have been ran and 180 installations are completed. They have 314 committed service lines and expect to have 150 more.

Favero reported that once the lines are installed, patrons can call the company, the meters will be set and service can begin. Patrons have two years to sign up and once those installations are complete, there is still two more years to sign up. Justin Snow is now working on this project, which is part of the Rural Expansion program.

The commission chair then opened the meeting for discussion on annexation of the San Rafael Energy Research Center and potential industrial park to Orangeville City. Commissioner Keven Jensen spoke about the sewer and waterlines that are with Orangeville City and said that the city would like this to be annexed.

It was stated that some companies have shown interest in the industrial park. Commissioner Jensen added that this seems to be more cost effective, but there needs to be more thinking about this process. There was no other discussion.

Discussion was also welcomed on a resolution to halt the ongoing injury to the United States sheep industry. Commissioner Jensen explained that this resolution was tabled last meeting to get a statement from the Farm Bureau, but they could not give support at this time because they needed more research and investigation. He explained again that this was not his resolution, but was drafted by R-CAP and given to him by the Vice President of Farm Bureau for support.

At this time in the meeting, a motion to go into public hearing was accepted and a public hearing was opened regarding a land exchange with Huntington City. There were no comments from the public and the hearing was closed. A resolution authorizing the agreement between Emery County and Huntington City regarding the transfer of a small piece of land by the ball field was approved.

The land exchange, including the old Huntington Senior Center, was subsequently approved. This exchange is to make it possible for the county to build a new senior citizen center on South Main in Huntington. Huntington, in turn, will have the old senior center and a strip of land by the ball complex.

A resolution supporting coal-based power that has produced economic stability for the area was also approved with the addition of alternative sources of energy.

During the elected officials’ reports, Commissioner Jordan Leonard asked Emery County Business Chamber Director Patsy Stoddard to speak on two activities that the chamber is sponsoring. Stoddard announced the casino night on Nov. 8, where 14 businesses will be honored. She also spoke about a housing meeting to be held on Nov. 20 at 11:30 a.m. in Castle Cale Building. At this meeting, Utah State Water Engineer Marc Stilson will be speaking about the water possibilities with regard to housing in the county.

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