Outdoor Rental Program resumes


Carbon Recreation has resumed a small rental program. At this time they will have rafts, inflatable kayaks, and canoes, plus all the associated gear.

“The extent of the program has yet to be determined. I’m happy we are able to serve the community.” stated Director Steve Christensen.

Carbon County Commissioner Jae Potter, who is over the recreation department, said he was not prepared to speak about the return of the rental program.

The program was cut last fall after the commissioners expressed concern over the cost of replacing equipment and that it undercut private businesses that might want to come into the area. Tours and other outdoor programs were also eliminated with the exception of the Range Creek tours and a few other limited programs.

No private company has come into the area to furnish outdoor rental equipment for boaters, kayaks or canoes. One group of boaters recently spent well over a $1,000 to rent boat and support gear from a Vernal-based company. That money would have stayed in the area if the rental program would have been in place when they were looking for equipment.

Many outdoor enthusiasts in the area are welcoming the rental program back to Carbon Recreation.

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