Helper American Legion Team opens season big


The Helper American Legion Team opened its season with a big win over Murray on Wednesday evening. Helper grabbed an 11-0 road win in the first game of the summer.

Cole Fossat had a double in the third inning but did not score. In the fourth, though, Helper piled it on as Bryce Blackburn walked and scored on a Jarod Lessar single. Blackburn came up again in the fourth and smacked a three-run double to put the game out of reach. By the end of four it was 7-0.

The team added two in the fifth and three more in the sixth to finish it off. Dakota Cisneros started and took the win on the mound. Brandon Oliver threw two innings in relief and Fossat closed the game. Defense behind the mound was spotless with Helper playing errorless ball.

Young went two for two at the plate. Lessar hit two RBI singles. Dominic Rondinelli also tallied two RBI singles in the rout of Murray.

This is the final season for Jeff Cisneros as coach of the Helper Legion team. He would like this to be the year in which the team captures the state Legion title.

 2013 Helper American Legion Roster

  #               Name                                                   Post                        Bats/Thrws        Grad                    School

1              RIDGE NIELSON                                  INF                         RT/RT                 2015                 EMERY

2              TYLER PROCARIONE                         OF                          LT/LT                  2013                  CARBON

3              BRYCE BLACKBURN                          INF                         RT/RT                 2013                 CARBON

4              BLAKE BEAN                                         INF                         RT/RT                 2014                 CARBON

5              KAIDEN LEWIS                                    INF/P                     RT/RT                 2015                   CARBON

6              DYLAN VOGRINEC                             INF                         RT/RT                 2012                  CARBON

7              DOMINIC RONDINELLI                       OF                          RT/RT                 2014                 CARBON

8              COLTON GREENER                            INF/C                    RT/RT                 2014                  CARBON

9              COLE FOSSAT                                      INF/P                    RT/RT                 2016                   CARBON

10           BRANDON OLIVER                              INF,P                     RT/RT                 2012                   EMERY

13           DAKOTA CISNEROS                            INF,P                     SW,RT                2013                  CARBON

14           DEREK YOUNG                                     INF,P                     RT,RT                  2013                  CARBON

15           NASH NICHOLSON                              OF                          RT/RT                 2015                   CARBON

17           JAREN MCCOURT                                INF,P                     LT,RT                  2012                  CARBON

20           DALLYN MOWER                                  OF                          RT/RT                 2016                   CARBON

22           JAROD LESSAR                                    INF/P                    RT/RT                 2015                   CARBON

23           MICHAEL PECZUH                               OF                          RT/RT                 2013                  CARBON

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